Prof. Dr. Klaus-Ernst Behne, Prof. Dr. Franz Amrhein, Prof. Dr. Karl-Jürgen Kemmelmeyer

The necessity for basic research in scientifically grounded music education and,
as a consequence, the establishment of a research institute to fulfill this need
was pointed out in 1921 by Leo Kestenberg. 72 years later in 1993, the theory
was made a reality by Dr. Franz Amrhein, Dr. Klaus-Ernst Behne, and Dr. Karl-
Jürgen Kemmelmeyer, who served as founding director of the Institute from
1993 to 2006. Since then the Institute's staff and members, which include
music instructors from the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media as
well as leading experts from other musicological disciplines, have carried out
research in all fields of music education. In order to promote the advancement
of research in the field, the ifmpf maintains a doctoral candidate position. A
focal point in our research program is the historiography of music education.
For this reason the Institute has, since its foundation, put special emphasis on
expanding it's library collection, which aims to make all German-language
music education literature published since 1750, including teaching materials,
available to students and faculty.