Forschungsbericht 33

Eva Schurig & Andreas Lehmann-Wermser (Hrsg.): Aspects of multiculturalism in arts education. Proceedings of the 3rd German-Dutch Colloquium

Hannover 2023 (Bd. 33). ISBN 978-3-931852-54-2. 14,90€

In January of 2022 researchers in the field of cultural education gathered for the third German-Dutch Colloquium at the Hannover University for Music Drama and Media. It was the 3rd symposium in a series that brought together researchers and discourses from the two adjacent countries. The symposum also marked the end of a research funding line under the auspices of the Rat für Kulturelle Bildung. Financed by the Rat für Kulturelle Bildung (Essen) and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research two dozen researchers convened. The papers presented in this volume provide an insight into the issues and projects under scrutiny in the two countries in relation to multiculturalism in music and arts education.